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    let the right one in

    I’m not very into reading, although I’d been into it long time ago. I seldom read Chinese books nowadays, let alone English novels.

    然而這一本《Let The Right One In》卻是我第一本看完的英文版翻譯小説。
    However, this novel – “Let the Right One In” has really attracted my eyes. It was my first English novel that I loved so much. Oopss… it’s not an English novel, but an English translated novel. =)

    作者John Ajvide Lindqvist是瑞典人,原文是瑞典語。這一本小説在2008年被拍成電影,有興趣的話可以去看看。
    The Author, John Ajvide Lindqvist is a Swedish and this Swedish novel has been made into film in year 2008.