• WHV 打工渡假
  • 【紐西蘭打工渡假】 New Zealand Working Holiday Preparation – 籌備





    ▋ 申請資格 ▋

    It’s very easy to apply WHV for New Zealand. What you CAN do is just apply it Online! But, before proceed to the application, some qualifications have to be fulfilled.

    1. 年齡介於18至30
    2. 需要NZD 2,250 的證明
    3. 足夠的金錢買機票 或者來回飛機票

    1. your age has to be between 18 to 30.
    2. Possess enough fund – NZD 2,250 and proof has to be provided
    3. A return ticket to NZ, or enough fund to prove that you are able to buy a ticket from NZ back to Malaysia

    更多詳情請看: https://www.immigration.govt.nz/new-zealand-visas/apply-for-a-visa/about-visa/malaysia-working-holiday-visa

    ▋ 需要文件 ▋

    • 護照
    • 銀行賬單,證明你有足夠的金錢
    • Your Passport
    • Bank statement to prove that you have enough fund


    ▋ 呈交申請 ▋


    更多詳情請看: https://www.immigration.govt.nz/new-zealand-visas/apply-for-a-visa/about-visa/malaysia-working-holiday-visa
    After completed preparing all the necessary documents, you can lodge your application online. Do click the link above to confirm when is they open for application.

    別忘了,你需要一張信用卡,給Processing fee。價格多少姐忘了,以前姐申請的時候大概幾百吧!不過別擔心,當你申請的時候,會要求你付錢的。
    Don’t forget to pay the processing fee! As I know, you have to have a credit card to do so. How much for the processing fee? Seriously I have already forgotten, guess roughly shouldn’t be more than RM300 (which was my rate 7-8 years ago).

    But no worries, they will tell you how much to pay when you submit the application.


    ▋ 等待結果 & 後續程序 ▋

    Later, after you get the call/email that you have already successfully get a visa! The email will tell you everything you have to do afterwards, nothing tedious!

    p/s: 每年紐西蘭只給1150個空位於馬來西亞人哦!記得記得哦!

    p/s: By the way, there are only 1150 seats for Malaysian EVERY year, REMEMBER!~


    p/s: 今年已經關了,想要申請的各位請在明年 – 2017年1月20日申請哦!
    p/s: By the way, it’s already closed for application. For those who would like to apply, please do so on 20-JANUARY-2017! Good Luck~@!

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