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    let the right one in

    I’m not very into reading, although I’d been into it long time ago. I seldom read Chinese books nowadays, let alone English novels.

    然而這一本《Let The Right One In》卻是我第一本看完的英文版翻譯小説。
    However, this novel – “Let the Right One In” has really attracted my eyes. It was my first English novel that I loved so much. Oopss… it’s not an English novel, but an English translated novel. =)

    作者John Ajvide Lindqvist是瑞典人,原文是瑞典語。這一本小説在2008年被拍成電影,有興趣的話可以去看看。
    The Author, John Ajvide Lindqvist is a Swedish and this Swedish novel has been made into film in year 2008.


    ▋ 故事大綱 ▋

    作者 : John Ajvide Lindqvist
    原文 : Swedish 瑞典語


    It was a story about a vampire.

    The story began with a twelve or thirteen-year-old teenager, Oskar, who went to a jungle gym nearby his house, having a knife in his grip and cut the tree in front of him as if  it was Jonny, his classmate who had always bullied him at school.

    However, weird thing had happened. A news had  been reported in the tomorrow newspaper stated a child had been killed in a jungle in the nearby region of Oskar’s place. The cause of the child’s death was losing too much blood. His throat had been cut off and hang over on a tree. However, they could only find a few drops of blood at the crime spot. The most mysterious thing was this crime happened exactly the same time when Oskar was out to the jungle gym and immersing in his own killing imagination.

    The beginning of the incident had gradually brought the people who might not known each other together.

    Later, Oskar had met a girl who lived beside his house, a very beautiful girl just like a barbie doll. Her name was Eli. She was pale always as if having not enough nutrition and acting weird somehow in this modern century. However,  it couldn’t stop the love growing between them and it eventually brought the jealousy to her self-claimed father, Hakan.

    Afterward, some deaths happened, the exposure of vampire, the secret of Eli, Virgina who had been infected by the vampire, etc had brought the excitement and compaction to the story.


    ▋ 讀後感 ▋

    This story to me is much better than the “Twilight”. Perhaps I am not fancy of the typical love story as Twilight. I have used almost half year to read it but eventually given to my friend.

    However, this book “Let the Right One In” has attracted me albeit it has 519 pages to read. You won’t believe that I have only used less than 1 week to finish reading the whole book! It was really amazing.

    From the first question Oskar asked Eli, “Are you a vampire?” after he found out some traces of her secret, until he had the truth from her, she begged for him so hard for not to be afraid of her, every single description was so attractive and compact for me to continue to read.

    Moreover, it continued with the story about Lacke and Virgina who weren’t an official lovers but having sex together, from the beginning he didn’t want to be held in marriage bondage, until he was willing to give up everything just wanted to be with her. However, everything was too late since she had been infected and chose the worst way to die.

    Not to forget Hakan – the guy who had pedophilia and how he had given up everything he had to Eli, and the horrible incident happened after he revived from death. Everything was so deeply exciting.

    Other than that, the description about Tommy’s feeling on his future step-father and everything that he did represented his silence objection of the marriage between his mom and his future step-father. Story later continued until Tommy had been involved into the vampire incident. Of course there are more descriptions about Eli’s secret,  how she had to live involuntarily and had to do something which is different from her will.

    Anyway, she was quite pity in certain aspects.

    I’ve never written any comments for books, of course I don’t even know how to. Yet, I would like to say that, this story about vampire has something related to the real world right now, describing the most common troubles that the people in the world always facing.

    This story has been made into film. Yet, I still think that novel is much more interesting.


    個人評分★★★★★★★★☆☆ (8.5/10)

    let the right one in2Let the Right One In

    If someone asking you: “Can I come in?”

    Don’t never ever answer: “Yes, you can come in.”

    Otherwise, accept the consequences on your own.



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